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"Knowing the best for the consumers" is a necessity in the business world. Companies may it be large or small make market research first before conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing a new product. These companies spend a lot of money on market research to know what we think of, like ,need and want in a product, for them to enhance an existing product or in making a new one. That’s where surveys come in. In online surveys companies pay survey sites to do data gathering on targeted masses, and in return these survey sites pay or rewards its qualified participants for doing online surveys.

Earn online through Paid online surveys

  • Can a person make money or make a living by participating in online surveys? In my experience online surveys does pay, it’s easy to do and does not consume much of your time. You can earn through it but I can’t say you can make a living out of it.
  • Why can’t I make a living out of online paid surveys?  First, it does not come on a daily basis. Sometimes there are surveys and sometimes there are not. But there are other online survey sites that have daily surveys but only pays few cents for 10-15 seconds surveys. Second, we all know surveys are done on targeted masses so not all the time we are qualified to participate. Sometimes they may make surveys exclusively for males and not for females vice versa, or you might not be qualified in their targeted age bracket. These are the drawbacks of online paid surveys.
  • If it’s not a stable source of earning why would I join these online surveys? Online surveys pays more or less from 3-5$ per survey depending on what survey site, and the survey length. Image having participated in atleast 10 online surveys. It’s still extra cash that you can grab without a sweat. It's that easy to make money through paid online surveys.
  • Can I cheat in online surveys to earn more? Others would definitely answer yes. As some might create multiple accounts with different qualifications just get more surveys.
  • How can I have more online surveys if I join? The best advice is that you fill out your profile completely in every category that you might be qualified of, thus broadening  the window of opportunity for you to be qualified to more surveys thus allowing you to increase your earnings online.

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