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Earning online through Fanslave

What is Fanslave?
Fanslave.com allows everyone with their respective social media services to earn online by clicking pages in a Fanslave network. So if you have your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube you can definitely join and connect it to your social media account and start clicking to make money online. To those who know (GPT) get paid to sites or (PTC) paid-to-click sites, Fanslave would definitely be familiar as it is in the same category.

Why would I joined Fanslave?
It is actually easier than (GPT)get-paid-to sites or (PTC) paid-to-click sites because it does not hold you to view pages at a certain amount of time. Plus it has referral programs that would definitely increase your earnings.

Is Fanslave.com a scam?
You can google it, and thousands or more would definitely tell you and show you proof that it really does pay. Fanslave.com is not a scam, it’s typically an ad network who takes advantage of the traffic created by social media. If still in doubt you might want to scan it through scam checker sites.

How to join in Fanslave?
  • ·         First you have to sign up in Fanslave.com, its almost probably the same with other sites having the same concept and would only take you seconds. Then login and connect your existing social media account to your Fanslave account. For this guide let us use facebook.

     See the connect to your facebook link? Click to connect your facebook account and fanslave account.

  • Second go to your Fanslave account and start visiting pages. Before closing the viewed page make sure to click the like button.
        Here you can see the available fanpages. You have to visit each and like it on facebook.
  • Third, after visiting all available pages don’t forget to click update to earn the credits you’ve worked for. At that instant notice that your credits would increase in your balance. Each like would be from .01-.05 euro cents. It's a simple way to earn online.

  • If another set is given to you, just do the second and third step until no page are available for that time.
  • Getting paid! In Fanslave the minimum payout would 15 euros, and paid through Paypal, Alertpay and Payza.


Enjoy and earn online.

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