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How to earn cash online on Facebook?

Have you heard of crowd sourcing? For those of you who don’t know what it is? Crowd sourcing is where large-scale tasks are broken down to smaller jobs or tasks and are spread out to its workers known also as independent contractors.
Cloudcrowd is one of the best crowdsourcing up to date. You can earn online through Cloudcrowd by writing short articles, data entry, translation, categorization, editing and online research. In Cloudcrowd all you need is an email account, an active Facebook account and a Paypal account.

How to start making money in CloudcrowdClick here to join.

 Make sure you click Go to App ...
Earn cash online through Cloudcrowd
...and then click Allow!
You'll then be redirected to your account page. Familiarize your account page and work space. 
Earn cash online through Cloudcrowd

Before you can start to work on different task and earn online? You need to take a credential exam. The only exam that you will be allowed to take is the English comprehension credential test.

Earn cash online through facebookearn cash online through facebook

Make sure you do your best to pass and have at least level 3 or higher level of credential. This would ensure you that you can do even the simplest tasks in Cloudcrowd and earn online. After getting your credential to at least level 3 you will be allowed to start working to make money online, as for starters most task allowed can be seen on categorization section since it's the only section that mostly fit your credentials and credibility. If you want to claim other tasks from other sections, take other credentials test for that specific section so you would be qualified for that task and also make sure to maintain good credibility.
earn cash online through facebook

Notice that there are two requirements for you to take a job? Most task often require certain levels of credential specific for that section and amount of credibility. Know what credibility and credentials are for in Cloudcrowd learn here.

Now you can start doing task and get paid on the next business day. Always remember to “read the instructions carefully before doing your task”.

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Enjoy and earn online.

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