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Online Surveys – Viewfruit Philippines review.


Viewfruit Philippines or ph.Viewfruit.com is an online survey site which gives wide range of surveys for different people given that you qualify for their category.

Is ph.Viewfruit.com a scam?
You can search for it at scamadviser.com. Or you can google it for proof and you’ll find a lot of people getting paid by viewfruit. On the other hand, I’m going to show you my own proof?

Here’s my proof that it does pay.

I had this for answering only three surveys.

Why would I join viewfruit?
This survey site has lots of surveys per month. Although it does not come on regular basis and you only get to answer surveys that you are qualified for. Each surveys pays from 500 to 800 points which you’ll be converting to cash. Per 500 points is equivalent to 1$. Though the pay might sound a bit small especially that you might only be qualified to some of its surveys, but then again this is not a regular job and only cost you a few minutes in your time. You might consider this as one of your sideline to pay a few bills even just for your water.

How to join in ph.Viewfruit.com?
Join here!!! Then login to your account and make sure that you complete all information in your profile thus ensuring you a wider range of surveys that you’ll be getting. More surveys , more fun, more income.

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