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Earn Online through Bubblews – Quick Review


I usually make efforts to see firsthand if an online earning site is a good way to for us to earn online. If you’re into blogging and writing I do recommend Bubblews. It’s an easy and fun way to make cash from your articles. Just follow their rules, write your thoughts, socially interact with other Bubblers and earn.

What is Bubblews?
Some say Bubblews is a revenue sharing site, where you earn part from the traffic lead you brought to the site, while others say it’s a social blog site where you can express your thoughts and ideas on any given topic through writing articles and earn online through every likes and comments that your post receives. Both of these are true, Bubblews is a revenue sharing site which earns from ads and shares its revenues by empowering other people to decide the pay for every article posted. For every likes or even dislikes, each unique impression your post makes and even the interaction through comments that each of your post receives is an actual compensation for your post.

In Bubblews earning works in 4 ways.
-Views on your posts   :   When you write an article and someone reads your article that counts as 1 unique view. You earn through every unique view your articles receives.
-Likes and Dislikes   :   Every likes and dislikes in every article posted on Bubblews is also counted and paid.
-User Comments   :   Every comment your article receives from readers is also counted and paid.
-Social Media Shares   :   You get paid for every share made on your article posted on other social media networks. For example My Bubblews article is posted on facebook, and a friend shared it to his timeline then I will be paid for the share that my friend did.

Is Bubblews a scam?
Bubblews is a scam for some because there are certain numbers of members that are claiming that they have not been paid. When you try to google and search for answers and proofs, you would notice how divided the pro Bubblews and anti Bubblews are. Yes, there are a lot of whom have been paid by Bubblews which includes my own. But still I take precaution that I don’t violate their rules. It has been said that Bubblews don’t pay members who violate their rules. So what are these rules.

Bubblews rules

And here is my latest proof. View here!!!

Why would I join Bubblews?
If your into blogging and writing, Bubbling (a term they usually say for blogging in Bubblews) is a fun way to really earn through your writing. I admit, in blogging your articles should always stick near to the main concept of your niche like this one which focuses on earning online. I could not write any topic which does not focus on the main idea. But in Bubblews you’ll have freedom to speak your mind and earn through it.

Join Here - Bubblews 

Enjoy and earn online.


  1. Bubblews is a scam! They have selective payments. I had 6 missing payments ($160), deleted 4 of my most viewed, liked and commented posts without explanations at all. My posts were consistently featured in the front page and top news. I haven't violated anything. I emailed several times but didn't get a proper response from them. It's not worth our time! They are definitely a joke!

  2. Betchay I have been paid regularly by them. Even the new 50.00 payments have come in so I wouldn't call them a scam.

  3. Sorry for the late reply, I waited for my last redemption to be successful to answer to your post. I got my account deleted first week of January 2014 because of TOU (terms of use) violation but was properly explained with proof why they had to delete my account. I made a new one this January. Good that I had a successful redemption. So I can't really say that Bubblews is a scam with all successful redemptions I made, and their support does indeed answer all questions made with proof of your violation. Indeed Bubblews is still one of the better ways to earn cash online.

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